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Dot Native is a bite-sized video course for aspiring marketer’s to get up-to-speed in digital marketing.

✔ Master the fundamentals in Digital Marketing
✔ Stay up to date with Master Classes & Guides designed to improve SME’s digital tactics  
✔ Learn the latest strategies from expert tutors and industry leading experts
✔ Study on the go without a big financial or time commitment

Already working with marketers from:
The world has gone digital – but can you keep up and stay up to date? One of the largest problems marketing professionals face today is keeping up to date with the ever changing digital market and keeping their skills up-to-date. With Dot Native’s online short courses in Digital Marketing, you will instantly improve your digital skills and capabilities, keeping you one step ahead of the game.

Course Details
Each course is developed with industry leaders and brings together expert knowledge from marketers that have worked for the BBC, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney and Sony. Complete all 10 short courses and achieve a pass rate of 70% to earn your internationally recognised ADBL certificate in Digital Marketing. Other course features include:

✔     Programmatic, SEO and Content Marketing to name but a few of our short courses
✔    100s of hours of expert Master Classes, Insights & Talks
✔    80 Best Practice Guides at your fingertips

✔     Study just 60 minutes a week over a 10 week period
✔    Learn the latest SME digital strategies from expert tutors
✔    Share your opinions with other SME marketers in our growing community


“This is the first digital learning course I’ve come across which offers comprehensive and relevant learning in an easy to use and accessible manner”
Hayley Byrne, Social Media and Marketing manager

“I used the modules when I was job hunting and the training gave me a lot of confidence, very structured and curated”
Nathan Jones, Sales Manager EMEA

Whether you are an aspiring marketer looking to upskill your digital capability or a senior leader looking to keep up to date in digital, Dot Natives short courses are designed to keep your skills sharp.

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If you wish to find out more about Dot Native then contact one of our friendly course advisors today on 020 7173 5901 to find out more.