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The ADBL has partnered with Click Z to offer a 50% discount on Dot Native, our bitesized Digital Marketing Course. Study 10 short online courses and master the essentials in digital marketing with 100's of hours of expert Master Classes, Insights and Talks.

The ADBL offer courses for both new and experienced marketeers:

For budding marketers wanting to master the essentials in Digital Marketing and get qualified with the ADBL Certificate in Digital Marketing we recommend Dot Native  

For experienced marketers looking to get a formal qualification in Digital Marketing we recommend Squared Online The Digital Marketing Qualification developed with Google  

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With 10 short courses to choose from, depending on your experience and academic background, there is the right course for any marketer.

Complete 10 short courses and achieve a pass rate of 70% and you will earn your ADBL Certificate in Digital Marketing, an internationally recognised qualification from the ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders).

New qualifications are a great way to impress your boss and potential employers, share on your CV and brag about on your LinkedIn profile. With these new skills and certifications, employers will fall at your feet; you’ll ramp up your CV with new skills and a highly-regarded qualification, and have much more to talk about in interviews.

100s of hours of expert Master Classes, Insights & Talks
80 Best Practice Guides at your fingertips
The freshest ‘what hot’ content pieces from the digital world
Learn the latest tactics and strategies from expert tutors and industry leaders 
Share your opinions and access peer support in our growing community 
Qualifications, certified status, recognition and respect (add to LinkedIn with 1-click) 
Or take the next step with a formal Digital Marketing qualification
The Digital Marketing Qualification developed with Google

130 hours of practical learning
Highly interactive with virtual team projects
✔   95% of Squared graduates feel more confident discussing digital strategy and execution.

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