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Attribution Masterclass
In this masterclass, the experts in attribution – Rakuten Marketing – explain what it is and how it can help you track what marketing works and what doesn’t. Learn:

The basics of attribution modelling
✔    How to collect data and build user journeys
✔    How to avoid the ‘last click wins’ mindset
About deterministic & probabilistic methods
✔     How to measure offline interactions
✔   How to measure your success
Programmatic Masterclass
In this masterclass, global programmatic experts, MediaMath, explain what programmatic is and how you can run a successful automated campaign. Learn:

What dynamic creative is and how it works
✔    How to set up a programmatic campaign
✔    The key terms like 'white lists'
Who to target and how
✔    Changing tactics to improve performance
✔    How to optimise your campaign

Inbound Marketing Masterclass
In this masterclass, the content experts at HubSpot share 50 actionable tips on generating leads throgh content marketing, including:

Align your campaign with your wider strategy
✔    Hitting all your deadlines
✔    How and where to promote your content
Using free tools to amplify your reach
✔    Optimising your email marketing campaigns
✔    Measuring success