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Dot Native a digital marketing learning platform developed by senior executives and marketing leaders that have revolutionised digital for major brands like Google, Warner Music, Sky and HSBC, is the solution to getting up to speed and staying up to date in all things digital marketing – in just 60 minutes a week.

Dot Native is out there, having already helped marketers from Disney, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Virgin and Toyota advance their digital skills, and you are entitled to an exclusive 30 day free trial.

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3 Simple steps you can take to be the marketer agencies and employers are desperately seeking

Step 1. Get up to speed in the essentials by studying 10 short courses in Digital Marketing

Each short course is made up of bitesize video tutorials, learning checks and a final test. Achieve a pass rate for each course to earn your ADBL Certificate in Digital Marketing.

During your 30 day free trial you will have instant access to Dot Native short courses:


Content Marketing


Social Media


Search Engine Marketing (SEO)


Mobile Marketing


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)




Digital Awakening


Digital Eco-system


Measurement & Analytics


Programmatic Marketing

Step 2. Spend 60 minutes a week staying up to date and developing your skills

Staying up to date in Digital Marketing is vital. Dot Native learning resources are updated daily and create the ultimate resource hub to keep your skills sharp. A free trial opens up unlimited access to the freshest Master classes, case studies, best practice guide, white papers, forums, blog posts and more.

Step 3. Earn ADBL Certified Member Status and get recognised on LinkedIn

Study time spent on Dot Native is tracked and rewarded; whenever you complete an activity you are rewarded with study minutes. Complete an average of 60 study minutes each week over a 4 week study period and you will be awarded your ADBL Certified Member Status.


Tell the world about your new qualifications:

Each time you hit a milestone like earning your Certificate in Digital Marketing or Certified Member Status, we will send you a handy link that will automatically add your new qualifications to your LinkedIn profile


New qualifications are a great way to impress your boss and will help you get noticed on LinkedIn

Your free trial entitlement:

  • 30 days free trial to check it out 
  • Risk-free: if you don’t like it you can cancel at any time 
  • Only £25 + VAT after Trial
  • Payment will only be taken if you continue your membership after the trial.

So learn from the best, fast-track your marketing career, and advance your digital skills today, by starting a 30 day free trial on Dot Native.

"In over eight years at Google, the constant headache of the large employers that we worked with was 'How can we find staff who really get digital?"
Dan Cobley
CEO Brightbridge
" I am new to social media so this has been a revelation for me. I have felt quite overwhelmed with the information that is out there but DotNative have helped me build my knowledge platform."
Fiona Ritchie
BETA Member
"Organisations that move quickly to up-skill and embrace digital have a distinct advantage over those who don't."
Conrad Withey
President, Warner Music Entertainment