Course Overview

Who is it for? Digital is for your entire business, it's not just about marketing. Current and future managers and leaders; Change agents and programme managers; Senior management and executives
Qualification The ADBL Executive Diploma in Digital Business
Location Online Learning
Start date Currently enrolling. Next programme starts 31st July
Duration 6 month programme
Understand the changing technology landscape and the need to take action; prioritise the categories of impact on your organisation that you need to make as a leader.
  • The digital age: technology, data, consumer behaviour and expectations
  • Breaking down digital transformation into actionable categories
  • What makes a great digital leader
  • Defining personal impact to drive sustainable change
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to identify digital disruption in the marketplace and the associated threats and opportunities it creates for your industry
  • Be able to define the scope of a digital business opportunity for your organisation
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate authoritatively about digital opportunities and threats within an organisational context you know well
Think through the eyes of your customers to define who you need to be, and what you need to change.
  • Knowing and understanding your customer
  • Customer behaviours and expectations
  • Customer-centric strategy
  • Customer experience
  • Customer relationship management
  • The power of existing and new data
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Actionable insight and tools: predicative analysis, big data, real-time, personalisation, geolocalisation, mobile engagement, social media engagement and more
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to identify opportunities for efficiencies and revenue based on data your organisation already holds or has access to.
  • Be able to develop a customer-centric strategy for your context, with customer data, customer experience and the customer journey at the heart.
  • Be able to demonstrate data-driven decision-making.
Expect to innovate continuously to keep up with your customers and the changing market. Learn the tricks of taking short iterative steps with your customers.
  • Pretotyping
  • Test & learn
  • Fail fast, fail often
  • The power of feedback
  • Agile methodologies
  • Actionable metrics
  • Knowing when to pivot
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to articulate methods of pretotyping new ideas as relevant to your organisation and the benefits of applying agile methodologies and lean startup principles within your organisation
  • Be able to create a simple business model for your organisation/service/product line, along with relevant hypotheses and to initiate experiments to (dis)prove them
  • Be able to demonstrate iterative thinking
Learn how to use digital channels to reach and interact with customers in the way that they are beginning to take for granted.
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Brand building
  • Integrated marketing and channel mix
  • Digital Marketing uncovered: Social, Mobile, Search, Display, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, CRM, Ad Tech and more
  • Multi-channel sales, fulfilment and customer service in the digital age
  • Retention strategy
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer analytics and insight tools
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to describe digital marketing channels, tools and techniques and how they can be deployed by your organisation within an integrated marketing approach to increase reach.
  • Be able to create a (new) set of customer metrics that define success for your organisation/service/product line.
  • Be able to demonstrate the influence of customer feedback and insight on thinking.
Turn the lens onto your internal organisation. Learn how progressive businesses are using technology to work more efficiently and to give them a competitive advantage.
  • Transforming operational processes
  • Optimising existing data; a single version of the truth, a common model of your business
  • Digitally-enabled supply chain
  • Innovation vs. standardisation
  • Automation
  • Empowering and enabling an agile workforce
  • Talent acquisition in the digital age
  • Unit economics
  • Digital business models
  • Cyber Security
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to describe opportunities for your organisation to improve efficiency of business processes and workforce practices through better use of data.
  • Be able to create a common view of your organisation's key services, supply chain, data sets and technologies.
  • Be able to demonstrate a collaborative approach to sharing and analysing data.
People are your top priority. Work out how to overcome challenges of the wrong organisation and culture. Bring together your learning into an action plan to take back into your business.
  • Building momentum and breaking inertia
  • Unlocking the mindset for digital transformation
  • Engaging others in a digital vision, at scale
  • Leading change
  • Psychology of change
  • Continuous innovation
  • Future facing digital leadership
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to describe the mindset and culture needed to effect digital change in your organisation.
  • Be able to create a digital vision for your organisation and to make it relevant to your customers and to all business functions.
  • Be able to demonstrate momentum towards goals through effective engagement.
Learn from Leaders
Experienced digital business leaders run live and recorded sessions to share knowledge, inspire and give you a new perspective on digital business leadership.

The ADBL content contributors
Pricing and Eligibility
The price for the next intake is £2,081 + VAT (or £2,497 including VAT). 

To take advantage of this introductory rate simply enrol before the next intake is due to start.

For subsequent start dates the standard list price will be £4,163 + VAT (or £4,995 including VAT).

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Corporate Packages and Pricing

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  • University degree
  • At least 6 years of experience working in a business or organisation
  • Management experience for example, managing a team, running a project or responsible for a business P&L
  • High standard of written and spoken English
Because of the collaborative nature of the course we also suggest that participants should be:
  • Motivated to learn
  • Willing to collaborate and participate in group activity
  • Open to self reflection
We're passionate about delivering the best online courses but we wanted you to hear from our students, how they rate the course.

Nick Cobley
"The program has helped me navigate my new role. In particular meeting others in similar positions has provided an instant support network, and the revised approach to meeting management has put more than a day back in my week. These changes have enabled me to better understand the challenges of Digital Transformation and in so doing has enabled me to connect with customers and drive forward revenue growth."
Nick Cobley
Project Manager, Agilisys

Verity Buck
"I consider myself very fortunate to have been selected to do this leadership programme. I immediately gained access to expert thinking, a cohort of unbelievably talented colleagues, and a completely new way of approaching my business world. Since finishing the programme I have secured a new role leading a really exciting digital business. I have an altogether expanded career horizon!"
Verity Buck
Project Manager, Fospha
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