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Become digitally inspired and learn how to transform and manage a successful disruptive charity

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Course Overview
Embracing digital change and transforming digital businesses is high on the agenda for third sector organisations, but the demand for digital talent is getting desperate.

Digital pioneers that have built digital businesses for
Google, HSBC, Capital One, Sky and more have created the Executive Diploma in Digital Business Leadership, designed to equip not-for-profit professionals with the correct skills, knowledge and mindset to grasp the full digital landscape.

Empowering current and future leaders in the third and public sector, you will learn how to embrace digital change and drive sustainability, through technology developments and maintaining a profitable and competitive edge.

Who is it for? Digital is for your entire business, it's not just about marketing. Current and future managers and leaders; Head’s of Fundraising and Appeals; Senior Campaign Directors and Charity Officers.
Location Online Learning
Start date Currently enrolling
Duration 6 month programme

“Great programme, good opportunity to up-skill. Offers valuable and varied modules on digital marketing and leadership, so if you're looking to learn from scratch, or even simply improve on existing skills, they have something for everyone.”
Kim Nguyen,
Director of Marketing & PR, Charity Technology Trust

“I enrolled on this programme at the same time as joining an exciting start up. The course provided me with an excellent network which I continue to leverage and a broad curriculum in digital, strategy and leadership.”
Kate Erb,
Marketing Director, Oakbrook Finance

The Diploma covers the end-to-end essentials of digital business leadership and digital transformation in 6 modules.

The Digital Imperative

Understand the key elements on how to drive feasible digital change for a business, identifying the key indicators you can take away to drive any company’s digital success.

Customer Perspective & Unlocking Data

Collect and use advanced data to understand customer behaviour and expectations, to define a company's edge and establish where it needs to change.

Innovation & Agility

Articulate, demonstrate and lead agile methodologies and hypotheses to keep up today’s demanding customers and the ever evolving market.

Digital Channels to Market

Gain the understanding and knowledge of customer feedback and influence, building an innovative acquisition and brand strategy for a digital business.

New Ways of Working

Change the way you utilise digital technology, learning how to transform any company’s operational processes.

People, Culture & Transformation

Combine learning, knowledge and skills into an action plan, developing the right culture and mindset through continuous innovation and inspirational leadership.