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Digital Leadership Bootcamps
The top of your organisation is not made up of the tech-savvy millennials who are an increasingly dominant part of your customer base.

You haven’t got time for lengthy training, so we have distilled the most important lessons and tools from our digital courses into rapid impact interventions, otherwise known as Digital Leadership Bootcamps.

The course’s are designed to cover the essentials your senior team needs to compete in the digital age, exploring the end-to-end essentials of digital business and digital transformation in a highly practical and immediately implementable format.

Each programme is created for the specific needs of your organisation, but covers core areas from innovation and agility to transforming your businesses digital culture.
“In over eight years at Google, the constant headache of the large employers that we worked with was ‘How can we find staff who really get digital?”
Dan Cobley,
Ex MD Google UK & Ireland

“Digital is crucial for our business. We will put all our board and senior managers through the two days. It will show the business the importance of digital to our future.”
Large Electrical Business

Half-day briefing
Fast-paced, 3-4 hours of content and interaction.
One day workshop
High-impact, 7-8 hours of content and interaction.
Two day Immersion
Overnight Immersion - Tailored to fit business context.