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Agilisys in partnership with the ADBL has reserved 10 places on the next Digital Business Leadership course
We have set aside 10 places for Agilisys’ AGMA region network to join the next intake that starts at the end of October, to learn to lead digital transformation in local government. For these 10 places, the introductory price will be guaranteed.

Nick Cobley
"Insert Dave Pearce quote here"
Dave Pearce
CTO of the Strategic ICT Partnership for Wigan & Bolton Council

The programme is designed to equip your leaders with the correct skills, knowledge and mindset to grasp the full digital landscape, break down barriers between councils and their citizens and learn to exploit the opportunity digital brings to streamlining processes and improving the journey for your citizens.

Build a lifelong network of inspirational digital leaders

Join the next cohort to learn alongside and network with a breadth of successful digital leaders and peers from the public and private sectors and get access to their case studies, tips, and insights. Already enrolled on the course are delegates from local government, Socitm, NHS, TalkTalk, The Telegraph and not-for-profits.

Modules include:

  • The Digital Imperative
    Understand the technological advancements to drive feasible digital change for your organisation, leveraging data to drive digital success in the public sector.

  • Customer Perspective & Unlocking Data
    Understand how to leverage the data you hold to profile your citizen behaviour and expectations, to reduce the divide and establish what needs to change.

  • Innovation & Agility
    Expect to innovate continuously to keep up with your community and the changing market. Learn the tricks of taking short iterative steps with your citizens.

  • Digital Channels to Market
    Learn how to use digital channels to interact with customers in the way that they are beginning to take for granted.

  • New Ways of Working
    Turn the lens onto your internal organisation. Learn how progressive businesses are using technology to work more efficiently and to give them a competitive advantage

  • People, Culture & Transformation
    People are your top priority. Work out how to overcome challenges of the wrong organisation and culture. Bring together your learning into an action plan to take back into your business.

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All your resources, in one place
Accessible from any device, the programme is taught solely online digested into 4 hours per week, allowing delegates to learn in their own time alongside work commitments. With current and inspiring training from global digital leaders, participants will learn through live and interactive webinars, guest speaker videos, practical group work, intriguing case studies and discussions.

Who is it for?
The digital age affects your entire organisation. Whether you are an IT professional or senior leader, the syllabus enables you to grasp the end-to-end implications of digital disruption and the impact and opportunities of technological change for your organisation.

Learn from digital pioneers
Dan Cobley
CEO Brightbridge, former MD of Google UK & Ireland
John Roberts
Founder and CEO, Appliances Online
Nigel Morris
Founder of QED Investors,
Co-founder of Capital One
Tom Bryant
UK Government Senior Advisor on Digital Skills

Conard Withey
President, Warner Music
Charles Mindenhall
Co-founder & co-owner
Blenheim Chalcot
Manoj Badale
Co-founder & co-owner
Blenheim Chalcot
Ian James
European Managing Director, Acxiom UK
Sir Clive Woodward
Co-founder Captured & elite performance coaching expert
Kay Andrews
Executive Director, Agilisys
Stewart Easterbrook
Former CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group UK
Ritchie Mehta
Managing Director, Marketing Lounge Partnership CRM
Fiona Holmes
Managing Director, Figleaves
Ian Griffin
co-founder, Eviivo, formerly at EMAP
Mark Onyett
Co-founder, TDX

Rachel Murphy-Cooper
"Lots of opportunity to learn new stuff, exciting way of networking with others and getting the opportunity to start applying it in the organisation I work in 6 weeks in! "
Rachel Murphy-Cooper
Chief Technology Officer, The Nursing and Midwifery Council
Verity Buck
"I immediately gained access to expert thinking, a cohort of unbelievably talented peers, and a completely new way of approaching my business world. Since finishing the programme I have secured a new role leading a really exciting digital business. "
Verity Buck
Managing Director, Catalyst for Good Causes

"I have learned some new things but for me a lot of it is confirming what I believed to be true, and revisiting some topics I had forgotten about. This course layout and construction works really well for me and I wholeheartedly recommend it!"
Anna Rogers
Trustee Digital Manager (Voluntary)
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