Digital Leadership Bootcamps
Get your team up to speed overnight.
A focused workshop that covers the most important aspects of digital for today’s businesses.

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Course Overview

Who is it for? Digital is for your entire business, it's not just about marketing. 
Current and future managers and leaders; Change agents and programme managers; Senior management and executives
Qualification The ADBL Rapid Immersion Course
Location On site
Start date By arrangement
Duration Half day, 1 and 2 day Bootcamps
Learn from Leaders
Experienced digital business leaders run live and recorded sessions to share knowledge, inspire and give you a new perspective on digital business leadership.

The Rapid Immersion Course covers the end-to-end essentials of digital business and digital transformation in a highly practical and immediately implementable format.
What is Digital?
The ADBL's 7 Lenses on the digital imperative

Breakout session:
Which of the lenses are most relevant for your

The ADBL's Digital Transformation Framework

Breakout session:
Implementing the framework with your business
What is integrated marketing and channel mix?
Creating multi-channel sales, fulfilment and customer service in the digital age

What are our competitors doing digitally?

Breakout session:
What are the takeaway lessons from competitor analysis that can be applied to your business?
What are customers' digital expectations and behaviours?

Creating a customer-centric strategy

How do you unlock the power of data?

How can digital transform Operations?
Establishing continuous innovation

Transforming operational processes

Empowering and enabling an agile workforce

Breakout session:
How can digital benefit your operations?
Why it's important to establish a digital mindset for your business
Enabling the digital skills transformation

Creating the right digital culture

Managing your digital talent

Breakout session:
What are the people and culture priorities for your business?
What is leadership's role in driving and sponsoring digital transformation?
Contextualising priorities and key organisational messages for your business
Exemplifying the attributes of a digital leader

Breakout session:
What are your target audiences and the key messages you will need to cascade for a digital transformation?
Who is the Rapid Immersion Course for?
A two day course to accelerate your team’s understanding of all aspects of digital business. The course is tailored to the needs of your team and organisation to ensure that you get the most important and relevant information.

Get all of your leaders up to speed, quickly;
Current & Future Managers & Leaders
What are the end-to-end implications; from strategy, through product development, to customer acquisition and engagement? How can your managers influence and impact your business?
Change Agents & Programme Managers
To move quickly you will have teams and initiatives dedicated to change. Key players in these teams need to own the target business model, and drive and measure the maximum results.
Senior Management & Executives
Senior executives need to be confident that they can steer the strategy and execution, and build the teams and partners with the skills and tools to succeed.
Course Objectives
The Rapid Immersion Course will:-
  • Empower your team to start building a clear digital vision together, breaking down business silos
  • Get your team up to the same level of digital understanding and ensure everyone is talking the same language
  • Demonstrate to the organisation that the leadership is investing in digital
  • Kickstart digital transformation within your business

The ADBL regularly organise 2 day immersion courses in digital business leadership for organisations from a range of industry sectors, around the globe. Each 2 day immersion course is tailored to your specific requirements. Please get in touch to check availability and to fully review your training needs.