The Academy of Digital Business Leaders

The ADBL is the awarding body for digital business


The Academy of Digital Business Leaders acts as the governing body for a range of high quality digital learning programmes.

The Academy will issue you with a certificate on completion of your study programme. This is an industry recognised certificate that demonstrates your commitment to studying.


The ADBL has assembled a senior and experienced team of industry experts and business leaders to contribute to and oversee the development of the course curriculum. They continue to provide oversight through the ADBL’s ‘Curriculum Advisory Board’.

With first hand experience of building and transforming  digital businesses, the Curriculum Advisory Board regularly convenes to review the course content and provide insights and feedback to ensure that the content is kept up to date with the latest developments and thinking in business. The Curriculum Advisory Board also oversees the regular feedback that we gather from our participants, in order to continually enhance our programmes.

Our Curriculum Advisory Board members come from a wide range of brands in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The objectives of the Curriculum Advisory Board are to:

  • Establish up-to-date and comprehensive curricula for the ADBL courses,
  • Ensure the curricula reflects the requirements of the industry,
  • Constantly optimise and improve the course curricula.


In order to gain a certificate from the ADBL, participants must complete the necessary assessments and meet the learning requirements for each course.

The ADBL uses the following methods of assessment:
  • Formally marked projects: Reviewed and marked by professional markers and independently reviewed by moderators
  • Peer assessed projects: Reviewed and marked by fellow course participants, against a marking framework provided by the ADBL
  • Activity completion: The ADBL are able to track how much of a course has been completed by any participant

The assessment method for each course has been set out by the ADBL Examination Board.

The ADBL Examination Board is also responsible for upholding and reviewing the individual assessment process. The Examination Board ensures all assessments are independently moderated. We implement moderation systems within our courses to check the consistency and reliability of any assessment decisions.

The ADBL has its own Quality Assurer who independently moderates the systems and processes within the different learning programmes. Our markers and moderators receive regular training to ensure consistency and to uphold our high academic standards.

We have a standardised approach which ensures consistency in the delivery and assessment of the learning and we regularly review and check that our learning programmes are fit for purpose.  This enables us to certificate you for your achievements, safe in the knowledge that all learners have completed a relevant programme and met the required standard.